Walmart oil change coupons 2013

Walmart oil change coupons are a great way to maintain your car in a perfect working order at the lowest possible cost. Surely an oil change is not the most expensive  task regarding your cars maintenance, but if you select a good quality oil that meets your engines requirements and complies with the manufacturers guideline and you change the oil filter at the same time, then the costs are starting to add up. Plus you have to pay the mechanic to perform the oil change.

The quality of the oil should be in the top of your priority lists when considering an oil change. The price is the second factor to consider. A broken engine costs far more than a few dollars which is the difference between a legit high quality synthetic oil and a cheap low quality lubricant.
The facts speak by themselves for the superiority of synthetic oils. Currently there are only 3 oil manufactures that openly print a drain interval on their bottles. Imagine getting your oil changes down to once-a-year. It can be done since there are now three different oils on the market that can accomplish this such as Mobil 1, Castrol Edge and the leader in the industry Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants.

A small tip about when is the best time to change the oil  and filter - it is a great idea to have an oil change before winter hits. Dirty oil can cause all kinds of problems. While you are at it, check other filters such as transmission, air, and fuel. During winter a thinner oil is needed to provide the  necessary lubrication to all the engines parts. Ask the technician to correctly inform you about the correct type of oil for your car and the current season.
With walmart oil change coupons you get only top quality oil. Walmart is a huge company involved all over the world and they have a reputation to protect. They will make sure that you get the proper type of oil for your engine and at the same time they will give you a huge discount to attract you as a customer.

They rather have their car service department work nonstop and get happy satisfied returning customers than charge more for each oil change and have a half empty garage with unhappy customer and car owners. I have used Walmart oil change coupons two times so far and I have to say that I was very happy with the whole experience.

The stuff came to inspect my car almost as soon as I parked my car to the designated area and the whole procedure of the oil change did not take more than 15 minutes.  On top of that I really like the fact that they were happy to explain everything regarding the type of oil that they used for my engine and also to explain me the different requirements for winter and summer.

During my second visit, they inspected the old oil and found out that it was in an overall good condition which means that the oil they are using is actually a very high quality oil.  I actually got the chance to see it by my self because I wanted to make sure that less money does not mean lower quality.

Walmart oil change coupons are for me a great experience which saves me time and money and which I highly recommend!



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