Express Oil Change in USA

In a recent survey taken it was found that 94% of consumers would prefer getting just one oil change a year vs. going three or four time a year. It seems most people would rather save time vs. saving money.

I recently took my car in for its 15,000 mile service. The last time I went for an oil change at my local mechanic it cost me almost 3 hours of my time because he was in the middle of fixing a car with a problem.

That got me thinking that although I trust him with my car and he has reasonable prices, the cost is much higher if I consider all the waiting that I go through each time I have to simply change the oil of my car. Sometimes he will change it after an hour or two, sometimes – like the last time – it will take even more, while some other times when he is really really busy he will tell me to leave the car there in the morning and take it back in the afternoon when I return from work on my way at home.

This actually costs me even more as I have to wake up much earlier in the morning in order to arrive on time at my work and because my work is not near the metro station I have to use a taxi so the costs start to really add up. And that’s why I made up my mind  to try out one of those express oil change services. Fast, reliable, time and money efficient.

So this time I took it to an express oil change. Express oil change is a no-appointment fast oil change and service. I was approached as soon as I pulled in and I was directed to the oil change line. There were more cars in the shop when I got there ahead of me , but the wait was probably less than 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the technician came to inspect the car. Ten minutes later he had already change the oil and the oil filter.  Very fast and efficient business. Highly recommended for the speed and for the quality of the oil that they used. Actually it was exactly the same oil that my local technician used and almost at the same price.

So within  fifteen minutes , certified technicians change my oil and filter, use only genuine parts like oil and oil filters that I know meet my car's quality needs, conduct a multipoint safety inspection, and for a few extra dollars wash and vacuum my car for me. All at a price that's competitive with the down and dirty quickie lube place down the street.

A quality express oil change uses only genuine oils, it is super-fast (far less than an hour),  and the price is competitive with that quickie lube, well, why wouldn't you take your car for an express oil change? Fast, reasonably priced, genuine parts, and a multipoint safety inspection conducted by a real certified expert technician you can't ask for more.

A reminder: Aside from frequent oil changes, prevent an early journey to your car service by checking your car's various other fluids. Look at the engine coolant and transmission fluid. Remember to look at your tire pressure each one season. Periodically replace the atmosphere and fuel screens.

The perfect car's performance consists largely on the particular condition of its engine. Regular program oil changes are the best way to combat engine wearing off. Fresh oil behaves as lubricant and as an agent which helps to remove deposits, while  lubricating  the engine in the same process.

But when you have to wait hours for a simple oil change you sometimes postpone it and that’s simply not good for the engine. Also time is money, I found out that with express oil change I save both time and money. So from now own it is a no brainer for me. Time to change the oil of my car? Well time for an express oil change !


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