Cheapest Oil Change in USA

·         Do read your cars manual. Always make sure that you use the correct type of oil. Failing to do so might lead to permanent damage to the engine of the car and even if it don’t the engine might not be lubricated correctly which means that it will finally wear of faster and also it will provide poor mileage per gallon of petrol. In some cases if the oil is not the correct type, the engine could even start to slowly burn the oil together with the petrol, obviously this would cost you more in car maintenance and you would have to perform oil changes even more frequently. So the first and most important rule for the cheapest oil change is not to go for the cheapest oil but for the cheapest correct oil for your engine. If you live in an area that the temperature rises significantly during summertime, perhaps you should consider use oil that it is especially designed for higher temperatures during the summer. This will not only protect even better your engine but it will also make the oil last even longer. The cheapest oil change is the one that costs us less per mile and not less per gallon of oil. I cannot stress enough the importance of using the correct oil as I have personally experienced better fuel efficiency when using the best type of oil for my cars engine. Perhaps it would not be so easy for me to measure the difference that the correct oil makes if I had not done the mistake to use the cheapest oil possible for the first oil changes of my car.

·         Always change the oil filter. The cost of the filter is so low that it is not worth it to try and save any money from replacing it. The oil is supposed to offer lubrication to the engine not harmful foreign matters which can damage the engine of the car. A friend of mine had a weird theory that he did not have to change the oil filter at all. I think I don’t have to tell you what happened to his engine after driving 2 years with the same filter. Regularly changing the oil filter not only protects your engine but believe it or not can further improve your fuel efficiency.

·         The best way to absolutely reduce the cost of the oil change is to do it your shelf. It is very easy and you don’t need a lot of tools.

·         Another way to go is to look for oil change coupons. Many large companies can offer oil changes at better prices because they can buy oils in huge quantities much cheaper than your local mechanic. To top that, they also offer discounts from time to time from which you could benefit.


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