Walmart oil change coupons 2013

Walmart oil change coupons are a great way to maintain your car in a perfect working order at the lowest possible cost. Surely an oil change is not the most expensive  task regarding your cars maintenance, but if you select a good quality oil that meets your engines requirements and complies with the manufacturers guideline and you change the oil filter at the same time, then the costs are starting to add up. Plus you have to pay the mechanic to perform the oil change.

The quality of the oil should be in the top of your priority lists when considering an oil change. The price is the second factor to consider. A broken engine costs far more than a few dollars which is the difference between a legit high quality synthetic oil and a cheap low quality lubricant.
The facts speak by themselves for the superiority of synthetic oils. Currently there are only 3 oil manufactures that openly print a drain interval on their bottles. Imagine getting your oil changes down to once-a-year. It can be done since there are now three different oils on the market that can accomplish this such as Mobil 1, Castrol Edge and the leader in the industry Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants.

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In a recent survey taken it was found that 94% of consumers would prefer getting just one oil change a year vs. going three or four time a year. It seems most people would rather save time vs. saving money.

I recently took my car in for its 15,000 mile service. The last time I went for an oil change at my local mechanic it cost me almost 3 hours of my time because he was in the middle of fixing a car with a problem.

Walmart oil change coupons for 2013

If you own a car you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of the walmart oil change coupons. Let’s find out how.

Extend the life of your car with walmart oil change coupons

Your car’s life depends from the way you use it and from the maintenance that you provide for it. Changing the cars oil regularly is the most important thing to do for the car to function properly and reliably over a long period of time. The worst thing that we can do to our car is to postpone or cancel a scheduled oil change. Think of it this way: The heart of our car is the engine. The engine consists of various moving metal parts that have very thin clearance. The oil is the only thing that keeps the moving metal parts from touching each other. If for whatever reason there is no oil left in the engine, then there will be nothing to protect those moving metal parts from touching each other and the engine will fail in a matter of a few minutes in the best case. The same will happen if the scheduled oil change is postponed for so long that the oil has deteriorate and it no longer functions as a lubricant. The same thing can happen if we use an cheap oil of low quality. By using walmart oil change coupons you don’t have to worry that a simple oil change will cost you a fortune and you don’t have to make any sacrifices regarding the oil’s quality. You won’t ever have to postpone a scheduled oil change for your car because when you use a walmart oil change coupon the cost is affordable.

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Walmart oil change coupons 2013

It can be so easy to get complacent about car maintenance or to think that car problems wont occur with your vehicle. From wheel alignment to break repairs and oil changes, there are certain car maintenance tasks that many people forget or totally ignore. Regular oil change is the most important task if we want to keep our engine in good working order. If you don’t change your engines oil frequently, your engine will wear off very quickly or even worse will break down completely.
However even a simple oil change can cost quite a lot of money and that’s one of the main reasons that many people postpone the programmed oil change for their vehicle. Walmart oil change coupons not only save you a great deal of money but when they are available they act as a reminder that perhaps it is time to check your vehicles oil and change them.