Benefits of Oil Change with Tire Rotation

What is an oil change?

Oil change is a process of removing old engine oil and adding fresh and clean engine oil. This process is very important so that your vehicle’s engine gets long life and it works smoothly by causing less friction. It is advised to change the oil after your vehicle has travelled approximately 3000 miles. While the engine is working, it comes across microscopic dirt and dust particles. The oil absorbs all these particles as well as provides lubrication between the moving parts of the engine so that less of heat and wear can be produced. When the old oil is removed, all the dirt and dust particles also get removed and new oil added increases the engine’s performance.

What is Tire rotation?

Tires may also get wear and tear depending on how much you run your vehicle, suspension condition and driving style. It you get tire rotation done regularly then wear and tear gets distributed. This will help your tyres to run more miles than they would actually do. In the process of tire rotation, the positions of the tyres are changed according to the vehicle and rotation pattern.

Benefits of oil change with tire rotation

Both oil change and tire rotations have their benefits and when both these processes are followed collectively then your vehicle’s performance increases drastically. For smooth running of the vehicle two things are very important. First is the engine and second is the tyre. If both are serviced properly then naturally the output is going to be awesome. In many cases when only oil change is performed, vehicle’s performance is not much affected but if oil change with tire rotation is done, then the overall performance of the vehicle gets improved which means better mileage and smoother functioning.

Benefits of Oil Change with Tire Rotation
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Benefits of Oil Change with Tire Rotation 1
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