Auto Oil Change – Keeping the Engine Healthy

Need of Engine Oil

The oil used in vehicle’s engine provides lubrication for smooth functioning of the engine parts so as to get the maximum efficiency from it. With the passage of time the oil gets mixed with dirt and other impurities which alter the viscosity and hinder the lubrication of the engine limiting the automobile’s performance. Hence it is necessary to get an auto oil change after the fix distance is covered as defined by the motor company or after fix time span of few months as applicable to one’s vehicle.

Changing the Oil

Every automobile model has a fixed type of engine oil with which it works best and it should be taken care off when going for an auto oil change. The manual of the car contains all the information related to oil change and it should be referred when the need comes. Many people change the engine oil themselves and save mechanic’s fee but most of the people prefer a mechanic or a service center to get the oil changed. Nowadays, synthetic oil is also available which is better than the conventional oil in terms of quality and services.

Getting the oil changed by a professional helps in identifying other repair needs that some non-experienced person might not observe, and hence if the car has not been serviced for long, it would be better to see a mechanic for the oil change. Auto oil change services are available in form of coupons also at big retailers like Wal-Mart etc. and almost every company has its own lube oil present in the market. So choose the brand suited to the car, and get the auto oil change as soon as possible after the time limit if the engine is expected to function smoothly.

Auto Oil Change – Keeping the Engine Healthy
Mechanic changing oil engin

Auto Oil Change – Keeping the Engine Healthy 1
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